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Bali Iron Art; Candle Holder; Mirror Framer by PT. Lancar Sari

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Bali Iron Art; Candle Holder;  Mirror Framer by PT. Lancar Sari
Carma® Collection is supported by PT. Lancar Sari, where the group of talented and creative artisans is gathering inside, promoting the high end of art crafts to provide the best quality of product, service and price for US, Europe and other valuable market around the globe.Factory [Interior]

Established in the year of 2006, by the founding father of the Blacksmith Metal Expert and well known throughout all of the exporters in Bali, Mr. Ketut Carma. Its blossom up naturally and becoming the leading company on producing Metal art & crafts’ products in Bali.

To create an artificial product, Carma® Collection has a group of people in PT. Lancar Sari who is drawing, designing, choosing the quality of material to be used and creating those imaginations to be a real product to provide to our customers a special touch of character.Factory [Exterior] and Office Entrance [Inset]

Carma® Collection is a marketing side of PT. Lancar Sari, which has about 1.000 sm factory facilities with their purely hand done processed of the products, pointing up by Patterning, Cutting, Bending, Welding, and Finishing.

Majority products of Carma® Collections are Decorative Items defined as ornamental and functional works, Mirrors, Panel, Candle Holder and Furniture. To see some sorts of our products, please explore to www.lancarsari.com

Wishing you the best of having our art – crafts’ products. Posted on 06/20/16